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“Quarantine” (portrait of my sons).jpg

This painting is featuring the twin sons of the artist dressed up as Russian sailors comforting each with brotherly love in a midst of a storm.


The waves are a metaphor for the waves of Covid 19, and it was painted entirely during the summer of 2020 in Florida.


The sailor's uniform is a nod to the famous 1925 Soviet silent film Battle Potemkin by Sergei Eisenstein, which inspired the artist's childhood and told the story of the first Russian revolution illustrated by a mutiny on board the Potemkin against the tsar’s authority.


The social unrest, authoritarianism unleashed by the Covid era reminds us of the bloody times of past revolutions.


Children are the innocent victims of humanity’s recklessness and selfishness. They are not only “quarantined” from school but also from a happy and normal childhood. 



(portrait of my sons)


Oil and egg tempera painting on canvas 


66 x 72 in. 

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